terry shoulders fine art photography

     Hello, and welcome to... 

     terryshoulders fine art photography gallery.

      It is my desire that the images I offer, touch you, leaving a lasting visual impact. My art has been described as                  painterly, quiet ... and sensual. This is a compliment! Thank you.                                                                                        I choose to reveal, or suggest 'another space' ... one that encompasses light, shadow, and imagination.                            One that reveals a gentler, kinder space. A space you may wish to enter. Please do! I welcome the company.                      The images I offer are mostly simple, but alluring and intriguing ...  offering tranquillity and restful moments                    of reflection. These moments lie within the world you and I have been gifted with ... and also within ourselves.


      Terry Shoulders artist/photographer ... professional and later years!

       I have been a passionate photographic artist for over 50 years. Thirty years were spent in Chicago as a                             professional commercial photgrapher operating my own studio. My clientele included many 500 Fortune                           Companies, several advertising agencies and individual business owners.                                                                           Later, I decided to move west and settled in the artistic small town of Taos, New Mexico where I became involved in         the bustling Gallery scenes of Taos and SantaFe. Eventually I was drawn further west to California. I was fortunate            to be chosen to be the Workshop Coordinator at The Center for Photographic Arts, Ansel Adams original gallery in           Carmel. I then opened Terry Shoulders 'fine art photography' Gallery in Carmel, California. Loved it! Well, most of it.          I now live in Sedona, Arizona ... and yes, I am still an artist.